About Talktime

Talktime for Slack

With our integration with Slack, we bring to you the complete communication solution. Slack's powerful communication features complimented by our video conference options provide for a communication suite like no other. Here is how it works:

Fire up Talktime from within Slack using the simple command /talktime

The 'Click here' link will fire up Talktime from within Slack by opening up a Talktime room.

Click on Start Room to start the session and fire up your Webcam. All that is left is to wait for your friends to join the room.

Your friends can join the room by clicking on the links shared with them through Slack. Once they join the room, you can start Catching up!

As we mentioned before you can have up to 6 participants in the room. There are no time limits to these sessions and the inbuilt messaging feature helps you communicate through text messages, links etc while inside the Talktime session. You can share files as well, which ensures that you can have a distraction free video conferencing sessions and thereby complimenting Slack's powerful communication feature. Talktime for Slack has all your real-time communication needs covered!

To get started, click this "Add to Slack" button and authenticate your Slack team